Kokomo Home Stager Shares Favorite Trends

Social media has cut the lifespan of trends in half. When it comes to home décor, the last thing you want to do is invest the money into a home improvement project if it is going to be considered “outdated” in a year! Below is a list of my favorite “trends” because they don’t seem to be going away: … [Read more...]

Staging in Central Indiana: “It used to be an extra, now it’s just an essential”

Real estate mogul and ABC’s Queen of the Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran was interviewed by RESA’s CEO Shell Brodnax at the Real Estate Staging Association’s annual convention for professional home stagers.  They spoke on the benefits of home staging and how it has changed the real estate market over … [Read more...]

Kokomo Home Staging: Which is More Important-Wow Factor or Location?

Price, square footage, location: “All that can be trumped by the visceral reaction of seeing a home,” says June Cotte, who teaches marketing at University of Western Ontario’s Ivey School of Business. “Smells, colors, sounds you can hear inside or from the outside — you might not be aware of them, … [Read more...]

Central Indiana – Take the Curtains Off Your Windows!

Dimly lit rooms are big turnoffs. It is remarkable what a little light can do to a room. Buyers want their future house to be open, airy, and inviting so open up the space by adding natural light. That is just one possible reason your house in Central Indiana isn’t selling. Here are a few other top … [Read more...]

Kokomo Home Stager Makes “Cents”

Use this simple formula to determine how much you will save by staging your home or listing before putting it on the market: Mortgage + expenses (utilities, etc..) = Monthly expenses Monthly expenses X 5 months (avg. time un-staged) = Cost to list house un-staged Savings: Expenses x 4 months … [Read more...]

Kokomo Home Staging: Why Can’t Buyers Look Beyond Your Stuff?

“Once a potential buyer has seen the house, they’ve seen it! And if they don’t like what they see, they won’t be back for a second look,” home stager Lori Matzke, author of "Home Staging: Creating Buyer-Friendly Rooms to Sell Your House," wrote on her blog. “But when a property shows well from the … [Read more...]

Statistics show the value in Central Indiana Home Staging

Bottom line—sellers are better off staging first and then having their home listed as they will sell 87% faster than they would if they listed first and then staged. If you already have your home listed on the market in Central Indiana, it costs much less to professionally stage a home than it does … [Read more...]

Painting Can Make All The Difference!

  Paint, Stage, Sell! An entire home can be updated by simply using paint. If you are getting ready to put your house on the market and do not want to spend a whole lot of money to update, painting is a good option. … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Updates

Updating a home doesn’t have to be expensive. There are tons of affordable options out there for any budget to update any space in your home without completely renovating. … [Read more...]

Central Indiana Home Stager, Jill Aaron, Announces New Website

Are you selling a home in Central Indiana? If so, I just might be your saving grace! My goal at Staging Grace Designs is to make homes all throughout Central Indiana look beautiful. From In-Home Consultations to complete Home Staging Services, Staging Grace Designs is dedicated to bringing out your … [Read more...]

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