Design on a Dime – Design Expert shares DIY project

After diligently searching for the perfect wall shelves, this is what I have learned: 1) It is very difficult to find shelves that are longer than 24". 2) When you do find them....they are really expensive! … [Read more...]

Kokomo Home Stager Shares Bedroom Secrets

I recently read a great article in  "Good Housekeeping Magazine" entitled 10 Things Every Bedroom Needs.  These are great tips to go by because they appeal to everyone and help create a space for one to retreat to for relaxation. … [Read more...]

Staging Grace Designs Does Small Basement Makeover

This 725 sq ft basement in Kokomo, IN was plain and uninviting.  With the right design, any smaller space can be turned into your dream space without feeling cramped and claustrophobic. The slate blue wall color contrasts the white trim beautifully and is perfect for a basement. The rich, dark wood … [Read more...]

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