Painting Can Make All The Difference!


Paint, Stage, Sell! An entire home can be updated by simply using paint. If you are getting ready to put your house on the market and do not want to spend a whole lot of money to update, painting is a good option.

Painting_Blog_ImageSince the idea of picking out colors overwhelms many people, Staging Grace Designs does color consultations and can recommend a painter. If you just bought a house and do not have the funds to make every update as soon as you move in, painting is an inexpensive way to buy time until you can rip out and replace. Here are some examples:

Dated Tile: First coat the tiles with a high-adhesion primer. Next, brush on a special ceramic epoxy covering found at your local home improvement store.

Outdated Brick Fireplace: Using a rag or brush, rub a light coat of paint on the bricks, one at a time. Your fireplace will stand out more if you use a paint color that matches your walls. Houzz has a great article on painting brick that I recommend reading before diving into this project.

Outdated Gold Fireplace Screen:
Remove the screen and clean it by simply wiping it down to get rid of the dust. Mask off any areas that you do not want to get paint on. Choose a heat-resistant spray paint, found at a local home improvement store. Hold the can about 18 inches away, and use long, even strokes.

Wood Paneling:
As a confidence booster, be sure to do your research before you begin this project. Use wood filler to fill in all the cracks between the panels. Then, use a sponge to wipe away the excess filler. Once it’s dry, paint the room. Stand back and admire the amazing transformation!

Laminate Counter Tops:  Yep! You can paint countertops for less than $100! Check out

Kitchen Cabinets:  If you have old, outdated cabinets, the huge trend right now is light, bright, white kitchens. Any DIYer can do this job in a weekend!

Jill Aaron

Principal designer of Staging Grace Designs, a central Indiana interior design and home staging company based in Kokomo, IN. Jill received a Bachelors degree in Management from Purdue University in 2001, and studied residential design at the Art Institute of Indianapolis in 2008. This led to a career in design as a freelance Redesign Consultant, and her love for interior design and transformation naturally led her to home staging.

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