Kokomo Home Staging: Which is More Important-Wow Factor or Location?

Home Staging Kokomo

Home Staging Kokomo

Price, square footage, location: “All that can be trumped by the visceral reaction of seeing a home,” says June Cotte, who teaches marketing at University of Western Ontario’s Ivey School of Business. “Smells, colors, sounds you can hear inside or from the outside — you might not be aware of them, but they can have an influence.”1 The fact is, we all want our dream home! Simple as that! And a person’s dream home these days has a lot more to do with gourmet kitchens, designer en suites, and a stocked bar in the basement. Yes…we are all a little spoiled!

Although no one really knows who coined the expression: ‘There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location’, we do know that the expression has been around since at least 1926. We also know that while the importance of location hasn’t changed much since then, interior design and creativity has become more exciting for most homeowners than it was back then.

However, if the location of your property is proving to keep your house from selling, you can turn almost any negative into a positive, or at least neutralize it, with a little work and creativity. Spotlight the positives buyers might miss. Think of what attracted you to the house in the first place and emphasize those features. Remember, while a bad location might turn a buyer off, a very good location may do the same if the home doesn’t have the wow-factor on the inside that the buyers are looking for. A highly desirable neighborhood could also possess several problems. For example, usually property is already expensive, and it’s very hard to get a good deal in such an area.

Even though you can’t change location….you can change the prospective buyers’ minds real quick by creating a wow-factor in the home and appealing to their emotions. Once they fall in love with the home, there is no going back for them. Jill Aaron at Staging Grace Designs is the key to making the potential buyers fall in love with your house. If you are selling a house in Central Indiana, Call today to schedule an appointment.


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Jill Aaron

Principal designer of Staging Grace Designs, a central Indiana interior design and home staging company based in Kokomo, IN. Jill received a Bachelors degree in Management from Purdue University in 2001, and studied residential design at the Art Institute of Indianapolis in 2008. This led to a career in design as a freelance Redesign Consultant, and her love for interior design and transformation naturally led her to home staging.

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